UV Gel Polish Hard Base 7.2 ml

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UV Gel Polish Hard Base 7.2 ml
UV Gel Polish Hard Base 7.2 ml is used as a base for hybrid colored varnishes.
It is a product of the III Generation, and its formula provides even better durability, adhesion and resistance of the product to abrasion.
One coat provides a strong foundation
Protects and strengthens natural nails
Lasting for long time
Can be used with UV and Led lamps
It guarantees durability and color saturation.
Capacity: 7.2 ml.

1. Wash hands, wipe nail and remove cuticle
2. Brush a thin layer base coat, curing 1-2 minutes by UV or Led lamp
3. Brush a thin layer color, curing 2 minutes.
4. Brush one more layer color, curing 2 minutes
5. Brush a layer top coat, curing 3 minutes
6. Wipe nail surface with cleanser to get perfect shining