UV Gel Polish 7,2 ml - 51% Bio-sourced Base

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UV Gel Polish 7,2 ml - 51% Bio-sourced Base
It is time for a novelty that nobody has ever seen before in our offer.
Discover a product with ingredients of biological origin! 51% bio-sourced base is a hybrid base with a formula mainly consisting of renewable raw materials.
Join us and enter the modern world of nail design where innovative ideas become the answer to the needs of stylists and enthusiasts of perfect manicure!

Why is 51% bio-sourced base so unique?
-Ingredients of biological origin – this is the first hybrid base in our offer in which 51% of the ingredients have been obtained, among others, through natural fermentation.
-A perfect formula – the composition of the base was developed in cooperation with universities.
-Addition of keratin – this ingredient facilitates regeneration of the structure of damaged nail plate. It makes the nail plate harder, thicker and prevents it from breaking and splitting.
-Enriched with vitamin C – improves nail health and appearance. It has also a brightening effect.
-Composition with niacinamide – vitamin B3 included in the base formula improves nail health, giving them a shiny look.
-A step towards modernity – production of one ingredient of the base generates 40% less of greenhouse gas emissions. The base also uses renewable raw materials.
-Comfortable work in any conditions – the base has a thin consistency and neutral scent and is transparent, which makes styling easier. Once hardened with a lamp and rinsed with a cleaner, the product will give the nails a shiny and healthy look.
-Durability – thanks to the innovative base formula, the effect of 51% bio-sourced base will last on nails even up to 14