Base Extra Cover Extension Polish 7 ml

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Base Extra Cover Extension Polish 7 ml
Base Extra Cover is a very dense, opaque base for use under colorful hybrid paint.
Thanks to the beige-pink finish, it is ideal for bright, pastel shades of hybrid varnish.
With this product, you will not only prolong and build nails, but also align the nail plate color.
The base is also an ideal solution for making French manicure or Baby boomer because it no longer requires the application of a dedicated pink or beige color, but only the French tip itself on the free edge of the nail and the top at the end of the whole stylization.
Thanks to Base Extra Cover:
- you get the durability of manicure up to 35 days,
- you mask the imperfections created on the nail plate and thus create impeccable stylization,
- increase the coverage of light pastel shades,
- extend your nails by up to 7 mm,
- build your nails and achieve the correct construction with preservation of the necessary " C-curve ",
- you will do French manicure without the need to apply a colored hybrid varnish.

Instructions how to use:
1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher, remove the dust formed, then rinse with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner.
2. To increase the adhesion to the prepared nail plate, apply a thin layer of Hard Base and cure in a LED or UV lamp.
3. Then apply the Base Extra Cover layer on the natural nail and a paper template (if you decide to extend it). Allow to harden in a LED or UV lamp.
4. After hardening, pull the template gently; apply a second, slightly thicker layer to the entire nail. Allow to harden in a LED or UV lamp.
5. After hardening, the nails should be rinsed with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner. If necessary, align with a 180 degree file. Remove the resulting dust and clean with Cleaner again.
6. Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in the selected color and re-harden in the lamp (the darker the color, the longer the curing time). The activity should be repeated for a deep color.
7. Apply a thin layer of TOP Hard to give a shine. Top should be cured in LED or UV lamp