Soo Cozy 7.2 ml

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Soo Cozy Hybrid Nail Polish 7.2 ml
Cover your nails with a beautiful shade of hybrid polish and create the perfect nail stylization for the fall .
All you need to do is reach for one color from the latest Fall in Colors collection, and in a few moments you will adapt to the current trends and create a fashionable hybrid for autumn !
This time, opt for the beautiful Soo Cozy shade, i.e. a chic, feminine beige that will always work.
Are you waiting for an elegant dinner, an evening with friends or a business meeting?
Soo Cozy hybrid nail polish will be perfect for each of these occasions and will make your stylization elegant!

Beige hybrid varnish - a fashionable shade for fall
You don't have to create decorations or combine the Soo Cozy shade with other colors from the Fall in Colors collection - just apply this beautiful beige on your nails and an effective styling is ready!
After all, it is a dark, deep color that can hypnotize with its extraordinary color.
You can associate this shade - a similar color, i.e. Rosy Brown, is already in the NEONAIL offer.
How is Soo Cozy different? It is darker and more sensual!