Nail Cleaner Vitamins 100 ml

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Nail Cleaner Vitamins 100 ml

Care from the first stage of manicure
Nail Cleaner Vitamins is a liquid for degreasing nails and removing sticky dispersion layer.
Additionally, in which it stands, it is the presence of natural, reinforcing plate components.

A new quality of work
Contained in Cleaner, the active ingredient Retinol , calcium and a complex of vitamins (E, F, H and B5) make it delicate for the nail plate.
This increases comfort during manicure and pedicure treatments.

Dual-tasking Nail Cleaner Vitamins
1. The product degreases the plate before the manicure and properly prepares the nails for the treatment.
2. The liquid removes the dispersion layer, which was created after curing the hybrid varnish or gel. It leaves a beautiful shine and is the last step when creating a stylization.

The new formula of Nail Cleaner Vitamins = perfect effectiveness and protection

Instructions how to use:
1. When accessing the manicure, firstly prepare the nail plate, starting from its matting.
2. Then, soak the cellulose wadding in Cleaner Vitamins and rub it in each fingernail (degrease).
3. After finishing the styling, rub the soaked cellulose pad in a dispersion layer until the sticky layer disappears completely.