3D Holo Effect 02 - 2 g

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3D Holo Effect 02 - 2 g
Discover new shades of 3D Holo Effect pollen and create a dazzling manicure!
3D Holo Effect is a fine pollen that creates a multidimensional, holographic surface on the nail , shimmering in the colors of the rainbow, and gives the manicure a unique charm.
Its new version has two unique shades: pink-lavender and copper-gold , reminiscent of sunny days full of positive energy and the scent of fresh flowers floating in the air.
Keep these moments for longer by adding your 3D glow to your manicure - apply pollen to a white hybrid varnish and discover how it shimmers exceptionally in the sunlight!

The effect can change, depending on the intensity, type and angle of incidence of light and color of the foundation - the recommended base shade is white hybrid varnish.

1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher , remove any dust formed, then wash with Nail Cleaner.
2. Apply a thin layer of Hard Base to the prepared nail plate and cure in the LED / UV lamp.
3. Apply a layer of white hybrid varnish, cure in the LED / UV lamp. To get the color depth repeat the procedure.
4. Using the applicator, gently rub the pollen into the dispersion layer, sweep away excess.
5. Apply Top Hard layer, remembering to protect the free edge, cure in LED / UV lamp.

The photo below shows the effect of using 3D Holo Effect powder on Pure Black 2996 hybrid varnish.