120 pcs French Nail Tips - Natural

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Natural Tips with long pocket – 120 pcs
Thanks to their flexible structure, they do not break or crack, and the gel applied to their surface does not chip off.
They have a pocket for applying glue.
Tips are applied to the tip of a natural nail.
Long nail tips pocket provides more grips, which enhances styling resistance.
Color: milky
Shape: Classic
Type of pocket: Long
Quantity: 120 pcs.

1. Adjust the shape of the tips perfectly to the natural nail plate (it cannot be too wide or narrow).
2. Brush the nail with a polisher to increase the adhesive's adhesion.
3. Apply glue to the inside of the pocket, spread and glue. Press so that no bubbles form and hold for about 10 seconds.
4. After sticking all the tips, shorten them with a tips cutter and give the desired shape with a 100/180 file.
5. Align the difference between the edge of the tip and the nail plate with a 100/180 file.
6. After matting the tips, apply PRIMER only to the natural plate.
7. Tips prepared in this way are necessary for building and lengthening nails using the gel or acrylic method.
8. To remove the tips use a file or a drill machine.