Venalisa Acrylic Gel 45g

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Venalisa Acrylic Gel
Venalisa Acrylic Gel is a combination of acrylic strength and lightness and elasticity of the gel.
Venalisa Acrylic Gel is easier and faster application to the traditional gel thinner consistency.

When regrowth occurs, you can supplement the product by applying Acrylic Gel, after removing the color.
Then just develop your nail and apply colored hybrid varnish.


The product provides:
- thick consistency - does not flow on the cuticles,
- the possibility of extending and modelling nails,
- permanent stylizations - nails highly resistant to damage,
- extension of 5 nails at the same time - without fear of product moving on the plate,
- application using a template,
- comfortable work without rush - curing in the LED lamp without feeling heat,
- no unpleasant smell,



6 Shades Available:
1. Clear - a colorless gel, allows you to build and extend the nail and protect French manicure made with Acrylic Gel.
2. White - a white shade to create the perfect French line.
3. Jelly Pink - a subtle pink, perfect for building the entire nail, as well as for creating a French manicure.
4. Crystal Pink - slightly pink shade,
5. Tender Pink - pink, slightly peach shade.
6. Nude Pink



Instructions how to use:


A. Use with Tips Acrylic Gel
1. Gently mat the nail plate with a polishing block, remove the resulting dust with a brush and wash the nails with Cleaner.
2. Remove skins, and if necessary, cut them with a clipper.
3. To increase adhesion, apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in an LED lamp or UV lamp
4. Apply the right amount of product to the inside of the tips; taking into account the correct structure of the "C curve" (a small amount of product should be in the area of the cuticles and on the free edge and more in the center of the tips). To smooth the product on the tips and achieve the desired length, use a brush soaked in Cleaner.
5. Preparation of the tips to attach the nail plate, pressing slightly. Should any product on the skin, soak the brush Cleaner and then remove the dirt. Harden with the LED lamp 48 for 30-60 seconds.
6. After removing the hand from the lamp we gently remove the nail from the nail. Then we give the final shape using a file180 gradation and smooth with a polisher.
7. Apply a layer of HARD TOP to give a very expressive gloss. Cure in an LED lamp or UV lamp, and then rinse with a cleaner.


B. Use with a Template:
1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block. Move skins away, if necessary, remove them with a pair of pliers.
2. Place the mold (template) under the nail. Apply the product on 3/4 of the nail surface, and then gently stretch the product down to obtain the desired length. The brush should be soaked in the cleaner so that it does not stick to the product. Cure in a Led 48 60 sec lamp.
3. After removing your hand from the lamp, remove the form and then file the nail to give it the desired shape, using a 180- degree file.
4. Apply a layer of Top Coat to give a very expressive gloss. Cured using a LED lamp, and then wash with Cleaner.