Spider Gel Neon Yellow 5g

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Spider Gel Neon Yellow 5 g
Precise lines in a few seconds?
Yes! Get to know Spider Gel, which will improve the creation of intricate decorations.
A gel with a rubber structure is a simple way to create a spectacular manicure!

Innovative consistency
The rubber and thick form of the gel is a novelty among nail styling products.
Thanks to Spider Gel, you will create thin and straight lines in a short time.
The product makes effective decorations almost the same.    

Pleasant application
Get a small amount of Spider Gel on the brush or probe and drag on the plate with one continuous movement from one point to another.
The product will be applied on a colorful polish, gel or acrylic, and then you will put on a finishing top.
The decorations made will be hardened in a LED or UV lamp.

Now Spider Gel in 4 new colors - yellow, orange, green, pink - and all in neon.
You will stretch the rubber gel on the plate in a few seconds.
As a result you will get precise and thin lines with a strong color!
Yellow, neon cobweb - Spider Gel Neon Yellow is a synonym of enthusiasm.
The product has a dense, stretchy consistency and creates a perfect line with one continuous movement.
It can be applied to any hybrid color - which gives you infinite possibilities for fashionable styling.

1. Gently polish the nail with a polisher, remove the dust formed, and then rinse with a cotton swab soaked in a cleaner.
2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in a UV / LED.
3. Apply a layer of polish in the selected color and cure in a UV / LED lamp (the darker the color, the longer the cure time). The activity should be repeated for a deep color.
4. Use a thin brush or probe to apply Spider Gel in the selected color to obtain the desired effect / pattern. Decorate and then harden in a UV lamp or LED.
4a. Spider Gel should be drawn with one continuous movement from point to point of contact; creating lines (see video).
5. Apply the HARD TOP layer to give a very distinctive gloss, cure in a UV / LED lamp, and then rinse with a cotton swab soaked in a cleaner.