Leciel Sun Soak Off 12 ml - Color #180

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Sun Soak Off Gels 12 ml - Color #180
A 2-step formula of Soak Off Gel without the use of UV/LED Lamp.
No UV/Led lamp is needed
Simply apply on top the special Sun Soak Off Gel Top Coat, which will cure it into a Soak Off Gel with only exposure to natural light.
If the special Top Coat is not applied, it remains a shiny nail polish.
Long wear formula with reasonable drying time
Exceptional bursting shine
High resistant to chipping & abrasion
Can be removed with acetone without the need for soaking
Contains Calcium, Silicium, Vitamin B5 & F for healthy and hard nails as well as Vitamin E, known for its anti free radical and anti-oxidant properties

Instruction How to Use:
Apply 2 coats of Sun Soak Off Gel and let it dry for 2 minutes.
Apply 1 coat of the special Top Coat and let it cure in natural light.
No UV/Led lamp is needed