KALLOS Banana Multivitamin Complex Hair Mask 275 ml

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KALLOS Banana Multivitamin Complex Hair Mask 275 ml
Hair mask for dry and weakened hair
The mask's powerful ingredients moisturize the hair deeply and instantly give them fresh energy and vitality.
The hair turns silky smooth, shiny and easy to comb.
The mask protects your hair from hair loss and environmental damage.
The content of active ingredients - vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6, C, E, olive oil and banana extract instantly moisturizes, gives energy and vitalizes hair.
It creates a protective layer on the hair and in this way causes a greater resistance of the hair style to both the action of hot air emitted from the dryer and the influence of weather conditions.
It attracts shine, silkiness and softness to the touch of dry, weak and faded hair.
After applying, even weak and faded hair becomes full of gloss, silky and soft to the touch.
Packing: 275 ml

Instructions of Use:
Wash and dry your hair lightly with a towel
Apply some hair mask cream on your hair
Massage your hair.
Rinse in 5-10 minutes