Hair Pro-tox ampoule Set (6 x 10ml)

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Hair Pro-tox ampoule (6 x 10ml)
Kallos KJMN Pro-Tox ampoule is enriched with keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Thanks to its unique ingredients, it rejuvenates the damaged hair structure and restores natural elasticity in the hair.
With weakened, thin, dry or brittle hair, it delivers lost strength.
Completely regenerates the hair fiber, leaving the hair shiny and healthy.
Volume 6 × 10ml

Instructions of Use:
Apply the contents of the ampoule to dry or semi-wet hair.
Apply evenly over the entire length of the hair to the ends.
Leave for 5 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.
You can also use it as a hair serum. In this case, a smaller amount should be used, depending on the length of the hair.
Apply evenly to your hair and do not rinse.